Is Software QA a Good Career?

Software Quality Assurance (Software QA) is a means of monitoring and managing the software engineering processes and methods used to ensure proper quality. Software engineers and administrators might include standards and procedures. It may be used to review and audit software products and activities to verify that the software meets the standards.  It is a supporting process that provides the independent assurance that all work products, activities, and processes comply with the predefined plans. Analyzing it from the point of view of the end customer and verifying your product or service is as per the requirement is what software testing main function.

Hence, there are a number of justifiable reasons why Software QA is considered a good career:

  1. Testing tools are easy to learn

You can learn Test Automation Tools from external Testing Institutes if you have the IT experiences and willing to enter this field. Once get hands-on, you are ready to use it for any application and tools are relatively easy to learn.

  1. Good Onsite Opportunities

Many clients prefer to work with testers closely. In some cases such as in banking as an example, where testers need to understand requirements thoroughly. They need to work closely with the client at the onsite location. Also, you will get an opportunity to work at the client location if some data privacy is issued by the customers. So in and all you can have a fair amount of chances to work at onsite.

  1. Software Testing is in Demand

In the period of technology, everyone is going digital, be it in education, medical, agriculture, banking or to the social welfare of the people. Competition is growing for developing products and providing services online.

Either in software products or in any software services, there are so many options available and was given but what matters most is the quality. When quality takes the floor, sOftware QA testing comes into the picture. So, testing is very much in demand. Especially when you are an expert in automation, you will be the company’s best preference.

  1. Relatively easy to enter into IT through Software Testing

For specific domains like banking and healthcare, some companies allow non-science graduates like CA or Doctors. Then need someone specialized to verify the client requirements and application based on their knowledge.

  1. Testers get Good Pay

As a beginner or newbie in this field, let him be a Tester or Developer, both pay the same scale. Then next depends on your appraisal where you need to prove yourself. You must also take your capabilities to a higher level to get a higher salary. Yet, your domain knowledge, certifications and other requirements surely matter. Good thing, Companies give hike depending on your performance, where your designation doesn’t matter.

  1. Can work as Freelancer

Many people don’t want to do 8 hours of a job but want to work as per their suitable time and location. You can choose to be a freelancer in that case. There are many online sites like,, where you can get Testing projects to work on.

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