Improve Testing In DevOps

DevOps is a term for a group of concepts. It has spread and gained popularity throughout the technical community.

What Is DevOps?

In simple terms, DevOps refer to the practice of working together in the whole service life cycle. In DevOps, development and operations engineers participate in the process. Primarily, it begins with the designing,then through the process of development, up to production support.

DevOps covers a lot of things. That is why it is very important to at least learn more about it so you can fully understand its worth.

How is testing in DevOps be improved, then? Learn more as you read through this article.

Importance of Soft Skills

A way to develop testing in DevOps is not to ignore the importance of soft skills. This commonly happens when the tester adopts DevOps centers around soft skills. By soft skills, we mean the attributes to work effectively with others.

Testers most work effectively with others in DevOps. It is a requirement.Otherwise, your test will not be successful. Being able to communicate and collaborate with each other, testers will easily get the work done,and with flying colors.

Focus On Test Automation

DevOps is a fast rising environment. That is why test automation is important. Focusing on test automation rather than test optimization is recommended. But still, you must think about ways on how to optimize. Automation cannot get the work done alone.

So if you want to reach a certain level of satisfactory result for your test, let automation and optimization work together.

Increase Automation

It is not a good idea to put off something you cannot remedy for later. DevOps is a fast moving environment. Meaning changes happen frequently, and fast. If you keep putting off work to be fixed later, chances are it will pile up and create a bottleneck.

The solution to this is to increase automation. Combine it with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). This will make things at least, easier so problems can be remedied and not put of for later. This will result in too much technical debt and you might not be ale to recover from it.

Basic Coding Skills

Aside from being responsible for the quality of the product, testers are also responsible for the manner which brought the product to the market.

In DevOps, it is not only soft skills that need to be taken into consideration. There is also this more technical thing called coding skills. When testing DevOps, it is also important that testers invest in basic coding skills.

Improve Testing In DevOps

Strategic Value of QA

The strategic value of quality assurance must also be reported. In other words, it is not just test results that need to be reported in testing DevOps. This will show the progress of the team while doing the test.

In Closing

DevOps may cover a large area, but learning more about it can help testers understand it better. There are skills needed to improve testing in DevOps. Not just that, it also needs sufficient knowledge on the field.

As intricate and complicated as it is DevOps is one factor which can give quality products to people,making them enjoy and appreciate technology better.

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