Importance of Software Transparency

What is Software Transparency? Software transparency is a new issue faced by software developers today. Let us talk about this and find out what we can learn from it.

Software Transparency Explained

There is a new but vital issue that software developers face today. This issue is called Software Transparency. By transparency, we mean a clear and unobstructed view or presentation of things to the public.

A lot of open source projects are fully transparent. In other words, it is not only the source code that is public. The project also reveals the issue tracker that is used to manage known defects and the internal email discussions of the development team. All of these are useful in deterring backdoor attempts.

This kind of transparency often goes together with permissive licenses that allow users to redistribute the code and to modify it and distribute the revised version. That is the norm in popular open-source projects projects. But it is possible in principle for a project to be transparent. Hence, while distributing the resulting code under a license that bans modification or redistribution, such a product would be open but would not be free or open-source.

Of course, making everything public does not ensure that there are no holes. Transparency makes holes detectable, but it does not guarantee that they will be detected.

Why Software Transparency is Important


Software transparency promotes accountability. Observing transparency in a software project makes every team member report the progress of their tasks directly to other members of the team. Accountability is a strong motivator. Therefore, team members are motivated to do their designated functions to the fullest of their ability. Thus enable them to achieve goals fast. 

No Unexpected Events or Information

Surprises are not helpful or advantageous in software develpement. It is never helpful to keep information, especially negative ones, from team members.

There are cases when developers keep things they have discovered to themselves, especially if it is bad news. This is not a good practice. Surprises are not welcome in software development.  Hence, if developers discover an issue or an error, it may be resolved quickly. Therefore preventing significant damage on the software.

Risk Reduction

Transparency can reduce risk. Therefore, it makes the team aware of the real scenario. Hence, if they find something out of the ordinary, they can deal with it right away. This will prevent risks from jeopardizing the project.

Collaboration is Possible

Because of transparency, communication among teams and stakeholders is open. This enablesnthe entire project team to collaborate with each other. Open communication  allows the sharingbof ideas and opinions to make the project better.

Wrapping Up

Transparency may not totally be a good thing to exercise. However, there are certain situations where transparency can play an important role.

In software development, for instance, transparency can help in making a software project a success. It allows open communication, collaboration, and cooperation among the teams. This develops a comfortable work environment, makingbthe team happy and contented. Thus, leading to productive and efficient workers.


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