Importance of Documentation in Software QA

What is documentation? In software QA, documentation refers to the created artifacts before and while the software is being tested. It aids the testing team in tracing or monitoring the activities of the testing process.

Understanding Test Documentation

Software testing is often misunderstood as just the simple execution of the different parts of code on an ad-hoc basis. In addition to this, testing also verifies the results. However, in reality, software testing is a very vital task. Therefore, it is documented accurately. Documentation in software testing quickly confirms planning, review, and likewise, the execution of testing.

Test Documentation Examples

Test Policy

This testing document includes a description of methods and principles. It also shows the objectives or aims of the organization that are important to the software project.

Test Strategy

A test strategy is a high-level document. It determines the types of tests and the levels that need to be executed.

Test Plan

As the name suggests, a test plan is a document for planning. It shows the scope of coverage of testing activities. It also indicates the approach to be used, resources, and the project schedule or time frame. In addition to this, it also shows other essential tasks for the completion of the test.

Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

The requirements traceability matrix is responsible for connecting the requirements of the project to the test cases.

Test Scenario

Test scenarios can be verified by one or several test cases. It is an event or an item of a particular software system.

Test Case

A test case refers to a group of input values, conditions for execution, predicted execution post conditions, and test results.

Test Data

Test Data is in existence before a test is executed. It aids in the execution of the test case.

Defect Report

A defect report is a documented report of any flaw in a Software System which fails to perform its expected function.

Test summary report

The test summary report is a high-level document that summarizes testing activities conducted as well as the test result.

Its Importance

  • Test documentation eliminates or minimizes software testing uncertainties when allocating tasks.
  • Documentation serves as a training activity for those who are new in the field of software testing. It teaches them how to test software using a systematic approach.
  • Test documentation is an effective strategy for sales and marketing. Hence, it shows a mature process of software testing.
  • Quality products satisfy customers. Test documentation can provide products of high quality within a specified time frame.
  • Test documentation is also helpful in software engineering. It aids in the set-up or configuration of the program.
  • Test documentation improves transparency.

To Wrap Up

Test documentation helps ensure consent and expectations. It is essential to keep the test activities and other related factors documented. Furthermore, test documentation can show how the software testing process went. It also indicates the responses of stakeholders and other people involved in the testing process. Most importantly, it keeps a record of everything, from planning to execution to reporting of tests.

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