How to Survive Challenges in Test Automation

How to Survive Challenges in Test Automation

When we say Test Automation, it is helpful but also a challenge. On the good side, it makes tasks done faster. Nevertheless, Test Automation is quite a challenge.

By the way, how Test Automation is a challenge? The answer to that question is very simple. Test Automation needs the proper knowledge and skills for software testers to handle it accordingly. In fact, it takes the best testers to be able to manage and handle Test Automation in a way that they will survive the challenges along with it.

In order to elaborate more about this, the following are some challenges that software testers must survive. Apart from that, this article will provide some ideas on how to handle these challenges. Let us begin!

Wrong selection of tool

This is the most challenging scenario that software testers must face. Purchasing the wrong tool can be the biggest challenge when it comes to Test Automation. If the tool you have is not suitable for whatever process you apply, it is still not applicable.

The best solution is to do adequate research into different automation tools before acquiring one. Software testers must make sure that the tool will suit the needs of the project. Aside from that, the tool must also be compatible with the organization and process to use.

The selection must begin with defining tool requirements then evaluate. Learn as much as possible about the tool you are planning to buy. In addition, it is advisable to consult some experts or the experienced ones when in doubt.

Lack of Test Team Organization

One challenge in Test Automation is making sure that the team has the most qualified members. As we all know, Test Automation is a complex process. Therefore, the tool user must be capable of working with the scripting language of the tool.

For software testers to survive this challenge, having at least one test script can be the solution. The team must have someone comfortable in working with the code. At the same time, that someone must be able to take the primary test and then convert it into an automated test script.

Starting with the basic scripting concepts must come first. As the progress continues, it is time to deal with the more complicated ones.

Insufficient Management Support

In order to support the effective use of test tools, the team needs Management Support. If the entire Test Automation is lack of management support, all efforts may be at risk. As a result, other people will not take an interest in using the tools.

Nevertheless, when it comes to management support, the main challenge is balancing high expectations of tool benefits against time. Similarly, effort and discipline is also a challenge. The key to surviving this challenge is Communication.

Incomplete Test Types Coverage

Complete coverage of tests is necessary to produce satisfactory results. Automation must have various tests to perform, including:

  • Data conversion
  • Compatibility
  • Usability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Correctness
  • Interoperability

However, some tools cannot support some types of tests. In order to handle this properly, prioritizing is the key. Start with the test types, which are critical to success. Test Automation needs 100% coverage. Therefore, automate the tests that require automation and the remaining tests can be manual.

Winding up

Test Automation has a lot of challenges. This article just gave the most basic ones. During Test Automation, we can get to encounter plenty of challenges. But always remember that in every problem, there is a solution. It is just a matter of how we handle such challenges and be able to survive it.

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