How Can AI Help In Software Testing?

AI can be used to help automate and reduce the amount of mundane and tedious tasks in development and testing. One of the most recent buzzwords in the software development industry is artificial intelligence.

Why Use AI in Software Testing

An AI-powered continuous testing platform can recognize changed controls more efficiently than a human. And with constant updates to its algorithms, even the slightest changes can be observed.

Testers can pre-train controls that are commonly seen in out of the box setups. Such that the AI is looking at the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to obtain labels for the different controls.

Implementing AI in Test Automation

Artificial intelligence is one of the most overloaded buzzwords in the marketplace. “AI” conjures up images of things like all-powerful super-computers, hell bent on human destruction; voice-control assistance in the way of Alexa or Siri; computer chess opponents; or self-driving cars.

AI is the ability of a computer program or machine to think (reason for itself) and learn. It is in this definition that we start to see something more meaningful in the context of what AI means. Hence, for software development tools and technology.

It is also important to realize that the scope of what is considered “AI” changes over time. The question-and-answer responses from Siri and Alexa is an example. The same thing will happen with software testing tools — innovations in automation today will become expected as new capabilities evolve.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

Increase in overall test coverage

With automated testing, one can increase the overall depth and scope of tests resulting in overall improvement of software quality. Automated software testing can look into memory and file contents. Likewise internal program states and data tables. All in all, test automation can execute 1000+ different test cases in every test run. Providing coverage that is not possible with manual tests.

Going beyond the limitations of manual testing

It is nearly impossible for the most significant software/QA departments to execute a controlled web application test with 1000+ users. With automated testing, one can simulate tens, hundreds or thousands of virtual set of users. That can interact with a network, software or web-based applications.

Saves Time + Money = Faster time to Market

Manually repeating tests can be not only time-consuming. But extremely costly. Automated tests can be executed again and again. Hence, with zero additional cost at a much faster pace.

Helps both developers and testers

Shared automated tests can be used by developers to catch problems quickly. That is, before sending to QA. And notify the team or the developer if they fail. Features like these save developers time and increase their confidence.

Improved accuracy

To err is human. That is, while carrying out monotonous manual testing. This is where automated testing helps. And never miss out on recording detailed results. Testers freed from repetitive manual tests have more time to create new automated software tests and deal with sophisticated features.

How Can AI Help In Software Testing

In Conclusion

The use of AI in software development is still in its infancy. And the level of autonomy is much lower than seen in more evolved areas. Such as self-driving systems or voice-assisted control. Although it is still driving forward in the direction of autonomous testing.

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