Getting To Know Quality Attributes Approach

Quality means the degree of excellence of products and services. Quality attributes are the basis for developing excellent system solutions.

Software Quality Attributes

There are several attributes which we need to consider. Software of good quality possess these.


Usability is an important software attribute. Ordinary people would prefer accomplishing tasks easily.

The design of the software plays an important part. It has to be easily accessible. Is it useful to people with disability? Can they access it easily?

What about those who are not that technically informed? Are there simple procedures? Answering these questions can determine the usability of the products.


Is the system responding to certain actions well? Several things contribute to system performance. For instance, the time it takes for the system to load is one. Likewise, the time it spends to respond.

Performance may also be measured and indicated by the number of users. Its channel capacity is also a performance indicator. It means the number of events happening at the same time.

Reliability And Availability

Is the system reliable? Is it readily available? A system is reliable if it can operate properly under certain conditions. A system is reliable if it is able to function under different environment.

Availability is part of reliability. If the system is reliable, then it is most definitely available.

Getting To Know Quality Attributes Approach

Ability To Operate By Integration

A software with good quality must be able to operate with other external systems. This will make data transmission faster and easier. This calls for standardized systems. A well-designed external interface is an advantage.


This is a very important attribute. The user must be assured that information and data is safe. It is important to protect the system against actions which can damage it.


Maintaining a system is important. It must be able to handle changes. Software is updated every now and then. Changes may happen in case of a defect. At the same time, they can occur when new features are added. Hence these changes must not affect the overall function of a system.

Modifying the system can also mean changes. Therefore, the software must be able to handle modifications well. Maintenance of the system must be easy.

Ability To Be Tested

A good attribute of a system is its test ability. This also refers to a system’s ability to allow tests to be performed. These tests are done to meet certain criteria.

Ability To Handle Load

This refers to a system’s scalability. It is the ability of a system to handle load increases. Therefore the increase must not affect the performance of the system.

Scalability may be improved and it may also be done vertically or horizontally. Vertical scalability means adding more resources while horizontal scalability means increasing computer units.


A system must give out useful information. Therefore,it must include identifying and solving problems.

Maintaining it is expensive. Still, today it has become an important attribute of a system in spite of its cost.


The application must be easy to use. Navigation, on the other hand, should be simple as this will attract users. At the same time, it will also encourage them to use the application more.

Measurement Of Quality

The quality of a product or service may be measured by:

  • Its ability to serve its purpose
  • The degree of excellence
  • Its use and cost
  • Its total features and functions

A product or service must meet up to these measurements and as a result, we have the assurance that it is of high quality.


Quality attributes approach means testing a product or service through its qualities. Therefore, there is no doubt a product’s qualities are important. As a result, you will understand how it works. You will also know if what you are paying for is worth it.

Similarly, every consumer has the right to check a product or service. Customers, of course, need quality products. No doubt the quality attributes approach can specifically assure that.

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