Fundamentals of Software Testing

Software testing is a broad subject. It is an examination performed to provide stakeholders with information about the product and services qualities undergoing a test. It can also come up with an objective or independent view of the software, which allows the business to understand the risks of implementing software.

Testing software has different types of processes, and that includes:

Unit testing

It is a process of testing software wherein the individual units of source codes will undergo some tests in order to determine if they are fit and convenient to use. 

Stress testing

It is a form of testing where the given system or entity is evaluated to determine its stability. 

Load testing

This test performs a simulation of multiple users accessing a specific program under test. This method practices the software program’s capacity to handle the expected usage.

Performance Testing

This type of testing measures how a specific system under test would perform within a significant workload.  

System testing

This type of software test involves evaluating a complete integrated system by determining if it will pass the compliance with the specific requirements. 

Usability testing

It is a testing technique to examine the usability of a product or system, wherein the actual users perform it.

Functionality testing

It is related to black-box testing, in which the test cases are based on software specifications.

Integration testing

In this testing, we group the individual modules of software together and undergo testing as a whole. 

Testing software is essential before launching software or systems. It also helps to finds faults, errors, bugs, and other defects as early as possible. Moreover, software test is vital to improve and develop a product sufficiently and ensures quality before launching. It is essential to examine the severity of the errors and know it will affect the software. It is necessary to check some errors, but some are not. Also, through software tests, all the possible consequences are detected for testers to know how to fix and give solutions as early as possible. 

Common Software Testing Terms 

We usually encounter the following terms while performing the tests. It is vital for testers, especially the beginners, to know such terms to understand the goals and operations of testing software fully. 


It is a part of development activity, which analyzes, distinguish, and remove defects. Hence, developers usually perform this activity on their piece of code. 


Testers do this process on the environment the same as the production. ALso, testing software has different kinds, levels, and techniques. Testing and debugging are somewhat alike, but definitely have a more significant difference. 


We commonly refer to it as the static testing technique. Also, it undergoes a review without executing codes. It is crucial to software or products since finding defects as early as possible will reduce the time and costs. 

Software testing is one of the essentials in the digital world. All the software, systems, products, or even services will go through testing before launching on the market. Every procedure for software tests is crucial. Developers and testers should have a deep understanding of this broad field. 

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