Common Mobile Application Bugs

Mobile devices are trendy nowadays. Everybody owns one or several mobile devices. However, let us understand that these devices have applications that are prone to bugs, too. Therefore, let us talk about the most common mobile application bugs in this article.

Progress Indicator

A progress indicator informs the user that an operation is still in progress. Some processes may take some time to be completed. Showing a progress indicator tells them of this.

Operations like uploading images, profile editing, and a lot more may require some time to be completed. Without a progress indicator, a user might tap the ”upload” button several times, thinking nothing has happened. There are situations where actions last for a while, and to inform a user that something is currently happening, a progress indicator must be visible. 

Repeated Clicking or Tapping of Buttons

This “bug” is the most common when talking about mobile applications. It may sound simple. However, the mere tapping or clicking of a button repeatedly may cause severe damage to your mobile app.

This case should be tested with particular care in those applications where we make payments or send messages because the action could be repeated many times. 

Application Crash

A mobile application may crash after you hit a particular button. This bug works just like a time bomb. Hit the button, and it explodes. Yes, this is possible. There are these “hidden” buttons, especially inside settings, that we often overlook. These buttons are responsible for making your mobile app crash once you click them.

No Error Handling

An end-user has the right to see an error display. This is important. However, extreme care is needed when displaying an error. It might reveal important data .

Page layout on Varied Screen Resolutions and Densities

Mobile devices differ in size, OS versions, and resolution. With the wide variety of mobile devices today, quality assurance must make sure that software applications will not only look good on these different mobile devices but will also work as they should.

Repeated Results

Showing repeated results on the list is an issue that occurs explicitly on Android devices. This refers to the appearance of scrolled off data several times on the list. In other words, elements revealed below the menu during scrolling reuse the view of the component that has just been scrolled off the screen. That may lead to a situation where both cells, the new one, and the one that disappeared have the same data. It is worth understanding this mechanism as the issue is quite common.

Common Problems of Mobile Applications

  • The unusual reaction of software on unsupported activities
  • The incorrect response of an application to a gesture, especially when several applications are running
  • Inconvenient interface
  • Too sophisticated structure of the web site
  • The software’s weak identification and handling of accidental inputs 


In Conclusion

The use of mobile applications is growing rapidly as time pass. In today’s modern technology, mobile devices can function almost similarly to a desktop computer or a laptop. However, just like any other applications, mobile apps are not exempted from bugs. That is precisely the reason why quality assurance makes sure that mobile applications work properly and that it is of high quality.

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