Coding: Why This is a Necessity for Testers

Are you working as a Quality Assurance Tester? If your answer is yes, then you most probably know the basic skills that a tester should have. One of these is Coding.

As automation testing takes on a more prominent role when it comes to QA efforts, a lot of experts made declarations that being great at coding will become a necessary requirement for people who will be involved in software testing.

However, some developers and quality assurance testers debate whether building software requires team effort or not. Also, each team member has their own skills and responsibility to make contributions to the project.

Is Automation Important?

Automation is somewhat essential in one way or another. Most especially when it comes to load testing, regression testing, and, of course, security, these may stress the tech pros of automation. But we know that there are some things that machines just can’t do. Thus, we can use Manual testing.

Debugging and the writing of codes are specialties of a developer. But, it is also better to have testers improve these skills as well. Programming skills and a familiarity with particular languages can be more than helpful, depending on the kind of testing that these testers do.

If testers need to focus on automated testing, having coding knowledge is essential and can be necessary in most cases. Moreover, in Agile Testing, testers need to work closely with the developers and programmers in order to understand the code base of a product.

The methodologies that Quality Assurance testers use depends on the specifications, as well as the needs of an application, a website, or app functionality.

Knowing How to Think is the Key to Testing

Developers may be the ones responsible for the first level of Quality Assurance testing. Unfortunately, they are not fond of testing their code. This is the reason why software testers must create great automated tests that can capture problems. Thus, the developers may fix the issues.

Two skills contribute to being a great software tester: programming and solid logical thinking skills. They don’t have to be excellent in writing codes and debugging because those are the jobs of the developers. Instead, the tester should have the basic knowledge and understanding of coding and creating automated testing.

Knowing the Basics is Not That Vital, but it Could be Helpful

The job of testers and developers differ, and they have their own responsibilities when it comes to software testing. But it is not so bad to know the basics to help one another. Also, knowing the basics may seem irrelevant at first, but once you master the basics, you’ll realize that it is a significant advantage when you are testing software.

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