Automation Testing Techniques

Automation testing is a testing technique that tests and compares the actual outcome with the expected result. Automation testing is achieved using automation testing tools or by writing test scripts. This process is applicable to automating repetitive tasks. It also includes other testing tasks that are complicated when done manually.

Automation Testing Explained

Automation testing means using an automation tool to execute your test case suite. It does not require human intervention. Therefore, you can run automated tests unattended, even overnight. The process can help increase the speed of test execution. It also increases test coverage. Test automation can benefit the team in a lot of ways if executed properly. The main reason for automating tests is to execute the test repeatedly on every new release.

Automation testing uses different techniques. You will learn more about them as you continue reading this article.

Testing the API (Application Programming Interface)

APIs have gained popularity among software developers. Hence, with the proliferation of cloud, API components have become the favorite of programmers.API testing tests performance, security, reliability, and functionality.

Implementing Generic Tests for The Layouts

In this technique, testing is applicable across various browsers, devices, platforms, and screen sizes. However, testing an environment may also be automated.

Socket Programming Testing

Some programs need to be tested on a local computer. After which they must also be tested on the server, then returning to the local computer. This process is done without manual intervention. Hence, the need for automation testing to make the process more efficient.

Testing Web Service

Checking for variations means changing the input data in web services testing.  Automated testing frameworks maintain required data, therefore allowing even non-technical users. Web services testing avoids duplication, hence reducing or minimizing errors. Furthermore, it lessens the burden of remembering the used variables.

Parallel Testing

There are automation tools that allow parallel testing on different devices. This is possible by using automated scripts. Parallel tests trigger tests one after the other. Parallel tests increase execution hence making proper use of time.

Updates Tests

Testing updates must be done especially if there is a new update or changes made. However, a unique user ID must be created every time updates are checked. The challenge to the tester here is writing a script by removing new changes to restore the database. Moreover, cleaning it up to reuse the same data.

Testing Keywords

Keywords are essential. In web services, keywords can be instrumental in generating revenues. In other words, carefully chosen keywords can have quite an impact on translating services to revenues. For instance, advertisements about food must pop up if the content is about food.

Furthermore, advertisements about gardening must pop up if the content is related to gardening. An so on, and so forth. 

To Wind Up

Automated Testing is a vital testing activity during software development life cycle. It saves time and, at the same time, cost by avoiding the repeated running of regression tests. Hence, making QA testers focus on other tasks at hand.


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