All About QA Test Automation

All About QA Test Automation

Quality Assurance (QA) test automation adds a lot of value and efficiency to the workflow. In the present, QA teams should automate QA operations using different automation tools. Selenium WebDriver is one of the tools used to automate QA tests.

QA automation refers to the process of executing tests in an automated approach in order to get fast and efficient results. As mentioned earlier, automated tests in QA requires tools to ensure the solution of any errors within the software. QA test automation aims to produce a bug-free software product. An automated system can track and report defects and further gives a reliable product.

Here are some of the tools that you might want to consider when doing QA test automation:


If you are somewhat familiar with Selenium, then you might know about Appium, too. But to explain more, Appium is a test automation framework designed for mobile web applications based on the WebDriver protocol. This is the best tool for testing native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. Appium allows you to write tests in any language and use your preferred test practices, frameworks, and tools. Aside from that, it is an open-source tool and supported by a vibrant contributing community, which is now part of the JS Foundation.


This automation tool is a Ruby-based testing framework for web applications. It offers an alternative to Selenium. There are two versions of Watir, and one is a wrapper around Selenium. Classic Watir only supports Internet Explorer, while Watir Selenium wrapper supports all common browsers.


This tool is somewhat similar to Watir. Their only difference is where they are based. .NET based is Watin, while Watir is Ruby-based. However, Watin is somewhat outdated because it has been years since its latest release. Still, it is not too old to lessen its value. Therefore, if you like .NET, then you might find it very useful.


This tool is a Microsoft tool, which offers test automation features. However, it is not very useful if you are not using Visual Studio. Alternatively, if you do, then it is an excellent tool to start.

All About QA Test Automation


This test automation tool is a Java HTML parser. It allows you to write simple routines for parsing HTML files and modify or clean up HTML. However, JSoup only offers a small subset of the functionality of Selenium. It is not for automated web testing. But if you need to do some quick work with HTML and want to script it, and then this tool is the best for you.


This tool is open-source and ideal for commercial implementations. The only downside of this tool is it does not offer convenience towards integration with cloud infrastructure. It only means that while using it for automation, you need to build the environment on your own.

To Sum it Up

In performing QA test automation, using tools is the best way to do it. Apart from making the tests quick, it also generates reliable results. QA is essential in software development. Therefore, implementing QA test automation is very crucial and requires meticulous execution.

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