All About Phantom: A Software Testing Tool

Phantom is a freeware that is used for Windows automation scripting language. Furthermore, Windows may be controlled and at the same time automatically function. In addition to this, it can replicate any combination of keystrokes and mouse clicks and also menus, lists and many more. 

Also, it is a Security Orchestration, Automation, and response platform. It is designed to help and at the same time assists Customers. Hence, to dramatically scale their security operations.

How Phantom May be Used

  • Automatic testing- Phantom test Scripts are significant, valuable, and also repeatable addition to any natural testing process.
  • Process automation- it may be used to automate the complex process. Hence, it requires user interaction to many various kinds of operations.
  • Regression testing– A cost-effective way to make sure that new changes do not introduce defects in the existing features.


Its Functions

  • Smarter work- Focus your attention in critical automate repeating tasks to be able to force team efforts.
  • Various controls- it is a powerful Windows automation language. Moreover, it allows you to control Windows and its functions.
  • Faster response- Phantom reduces dwell times with automated detection and likewise investigation. In addition to this, it reduces responses time with the playbook that performs at machine speed.
  • Defense strength – each part is consistently participating in the defense strategy.

Testing with the use of Phantom means keeping your app safe. It ensures the reliability and also the accuracy of the test technology. Phantom also always finds ways enabling our world to be safe and hence, live more comfortably. Therefore, they can keep up with innovations like Phantom.


Phantom Test Driver

While reducing cost, you need to provide quality products to your customers or users. Hence, Phantom test driver (PTD) improves the Quality of your products or System through QA test automation. Automating manual test scripts using PTD with results in increased test coverage, reliability, and efficiency. In addition to this, more defects are traced. Hence generating results with higher chances of quality products for your customers or Users.

 PTD Key Features 

  • Built-in script editor
  • Script debugger
  • Multi-script execution capability
  • Remote execution capability


Phantom Sidekick

Automating the repetitive process will get the most productivity of your team. Manual repetition often results in process errors. Phantom runs efficiently and reliably. Therefore, you have more time to respond to more pressing issues. Hence, reducing or eliminating process errors. The macro manager utility gives full access control of the macro creation process.



Phantom is an Automated Technology That:

  • Automates manual testing and increasing test coverage.
  • Automates manual processes. Therefore, it increases efficiency.
  • It is free but powerful for requesting the automation process.
  • Automates process with eliminating manual errors.

Phantom platform appears to be less of security or preventive product and more of an expense management tool. Moreover, Phantom is very stable. Therefore producing a platform for reliable and repeatable automation. Phantom can automate any task.

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