2019 Quest For Quality Conference

Quest for Quality is a forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference. The Conference will discuss the latest topics and trends of quality assurance. The two-day event will bring together people who are leaders in their fields, share with us talk about the latest in modern technology. It would be an exciting event for us to take part in. They will be talking about the role of advanced technology in today’s world — Artificial Intelligence in Software Quality Assurance, in particular.


The 2019 Quest for Quality Conference will be focusing on how Artificial intelligence has become a part of the majority of organizations and industry across the world and its intersection with quality assurance. Also, the effects of Artificial Intelligence in the lives of people today.

Conference Details

The 2019 Quest for Quality Conference will happen on November 5 to 6, 2019The venue will be at Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland. Jury’s Inn will cater accommodations.

For over one hundred years, Croke Park has been the headquarters for the GAA – one of the world’s most excellent amateur organizations. From players to supporters and managers, the vast majority of GAA members are volunteers who do it “for the love of the game.”

Jury’s Inn conveniently places us in a vibrant and exciting part of Dublin. It is located close to the conference venue and the historic O’Connell Street. It is also right next to some of the biggest and best sights in Dublin City.

Keynote Speakers

Jason Jerina

Jason Jerina is the Vice President, Quality Engineering at New York Life Insurance.

In this conference, Jason’s topic is The Future of Quality Assurance: A Path for A.I & Human Intelligence. In this talk, Jason will give us a look at how test automation has evolved. And likewise, give us an idea of how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used for the next level of testing evolution.

Yasar Sulaiman

Yasar Sulaiman is Everest Reinsurance’s Head of Quality Assurance. Quality is his passion. And he loves new advances in technology. He will talk about: Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over QA Jobs?

In this talk, Yasar will discuss AI in QA Testing. What the fear of QA Testers are, and if these fears are valid. Also, how QA jobs have evolved over the years and what to expect in the coming years.

Tariq King

Tariq King is Ultimate Software’s Head of Quality. He has more than fifteen years of software testing practice and research experience. Tariq has a team of directors, architects, and engineers. They are responsible for guidance, strategy, innovation, and outreach in software quality and performance engineering.

His talk will center on AI-Driven Testing: A New Era of Test Automation. Here, Tariq King will introduce you to the world of AI-driven test automation and hence discuss its benefits, challenges, and other limitations. You will learn how to test bots and also use AI/ML technologies to imitate the testing activities of humans.

Pallavi Kumar

As the founder and, at the same time, tech entrepreneur of Alingenious, Pallavi Kumar’s vision is to create AI-based solutions to solve real-world problems.

In her topic, When AI Meets Software Testing, Pallavi Kumar will show how AI will disrupt and revolutionize the software testing industry. As well as its impacts on various types of testing. She will also share vivid predictions on AI in the software testing space for the future.

Rhealyn Mugri

Being a FinTech Agile enthusiast, Rhealyn took the Scrum Product Owner role in Dublin and hence kicked-off the delivery of Pay.com in Europe, a revolutionary alternative to traditional banking.

Robots Are Here. What Can We Do To Keep Up?  This is going to be her topic ant the conference. In this talk, Rhealyn will be presenting the impact of automation, AI, and likewise industrial robots at work. As the Future of Work evolves rapidly, this presentation will provide guidelines on keeping up with the robots at work.

Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke is the sole software tester working in a scrum team at Erudite Software, who primarily design and also support software for the healthcare sector.

This is his topic: “Robots Took My Job!”: Where do Testers Fit In A Future Fueled by AI & ML. Take a peek into the future where the world leans on software to make all decisions in life – a future where AI is king, ML is Queen but, where does that leave testers?

Wrapping Up

Now, the event seems to promise a lot for its participants. From what I have read about the conference, this will be an interesting one, as it will showcase how Quality Assurance is keeping up with the innovations of technology. Does anybody want to join me? Let us take part in this enriching experience. Let us join the 2019 Quest for Quality Conference.

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